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The world of insurance and benefits is a constantly changing one, filled with uncertainty and complexity. Communicating benefits to your employees or coverage to your staff can be a daunting challenge. That’s why our assistance isn’t limited to helping you secure insurance or build a benefits plan. We’re available at every stage of our relationship, and our expertise is at your disposal throughout the process. Here’s how:

Stewardship Program

Our stewardship manager can provide guidance and specialized tools to help you communicate with your human resources team. From presentation templates to handouts and flyers, these tools can be customized to meet the needs of your industry and business.


Blakeman & Associates

Our relationship with the industry-leading Blakeman & Associates gives you access to an unlimited telephone consultation service to discuss human resources questions, DOT, and/or safety issues at no cost to you.


Client Loss Control

Our loss control consulting services are a vital aspect of risk management. Designed to help businesses understand and minimize their risk and its costs, we can review and monitor your risk management program at a variety of levels to meet your needs.


Training & Seminars

Keep abreast of the industry and keep your personnel informed with our free training sessions and seminars, offered throughout the year on a variety of topics. Join our email list to stay informed of seminar times and dates.

HR Workplace Services

HR Workplace Services is a global leader of consultative Human Resource Management services. This collaboration between NCW and HR Workplace Services will help clients tap into the expertise required to build profitable, sustainable businesses. Businesses need the power and expertise of leading HR experts. Through this exclusive partnership, NCW clients receive unlimited monthly telephone consultations and email correspondence with an assigned, high level HR team, plus a live consultation with a Workplace Conflict Resolution specialist to:

  • Reduce workload and ensure that companies are compliant with employee-related statutes and regulations.
  • Rely on a dedicated team of trusted, knowledgeable professionals to resolve workplace conflicts that disrupt productivity.

  • Protect businesses with training that ensures all staff members are meeting necessary State and Federal requirements, including HR certifications.




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